Livestream available for MSBoston2014

Select sessions of the Joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Meeting will be available by streaming video on the MSBoston2014 and the ECTRIMS websites. The sessions that will be streamed include the opening and closing plenary events and six social media sessions.

Those who wish to participate may access the live sessions from the websites at the following dates and times:

Wednesday, 10 September: 
QT1 – Question Time Hangout 1
12:00-13:00 EDT/16:00-17:00 GMT
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Wednesday, 10 September:
BD1 – Burning Debate 1
15:00-16:00 EDT/19:00-20:00 GMT
Debate: (TOWIP) The only way is Pharma: Academic trials go nowhere
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Thursday, 11 September:
Opening Ceremony
Greetings from ACTRIMS President Dr. Suhayl Dhib-Jalbut and ECTRIMS President Professor Maria Trojano
Presentation of Oceans of Hope Sailing Crew
PL1 – ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Opening Plenary Lecture
Approaching the cause of multiple sclerosis
Professor David A. Hafler, Yale School of Medicine
08:30-10:00 EDT/12:30-14:00 GMT
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Thursday, 11 September:
QT2 – Question Time Hangout 2
12:00-13:00 EDT/16:00-17:00 GMT
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Thursday, 11 September:
BD2 – Burning Debate 2
15:30-16:30 EDT/19:30-20:30 GMT
Debate: Repair from within or outside in…is transplanting stem cells the best way forward?
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Friday, 12 September:
QT3 – Question Time Hangout 3
12:00-13:00 EDT/16:00-17:00 GMT
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Friday, 12 September:
BD3 – Burning Debate 3
15:00-16:00 EDT/19:00-20:00 GMT
Debate: Early affective therapy is the only way forward
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Saturday, 13 September:
PL2 – Plenary Session 2
Paty Closing Lecture
Neuroprosthetics for paralysis
Prof. Andrew B. Schwartz, University of Pittsburgh
ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Clinical Research Highlights
ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Basic Research Highlights
Awards for Best Scientific Work
10:30-12:45 EDT/14:30-16:45 GMT
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For more information about housing, registration, press, media and Boston in general, please contact the Logistics Secretariat.

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