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Welcome to the online Session Planner tool for the 2014 Joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Meeting (MSBoston 2014). Take advantage of this resource — it is designed to help you get the most from your conference experience. The Session Planner mobile app allows you to download the conference program to your smartphone or tablet. (The mobile app will be available in the app store by end of August.)

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The Session Planner provides advance access to the complete 2014 Joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Meeting program. It allows you to browse, search, and sort all of the sessions offered during the conference—both oral presentations and poster presentations—using the search parameters that make the most sense to you. You can plan how to spend your day to earn the most continuing medical education credit. The Session Planner allows you to create your own detailed, personalized daily schedule of sessions that reflects your professional interests before arriving in Boston.

The Session Planner provides a graphic-rich and clickable interface of the scientific programme to view sessions and presentations, per day and room. A user can browse the programme and open sessions by clicking on the session title to view the session details, such as chairs, presentations and abstract texts, if available.


You have two options:
1. Browse sessions
2. Login to the Session Planner to create your personal itinerary

Browse Sessions
This option allows you to search all sessions without logging into the Session Planner. You may conduct a detailed search by one or more of the following items in the search fields, and view your results in program layout or table layout. The default setting is the program layout.

Search fields:
• Keyword
• Session code
• Title
• Topic Area
• Date
• Author, faculty or speaker’s Name

Here is an example of an effective search: Type "biomarkers" in the keyword search box, and select "Search". A listing of every session with "biomarkers" in the title and abstract will appear in the search results displayed below the search panel. The word "biomarkers" will be highlighted in each session listed.

Once the list of sessions appears below the red and blue tabs, you can select the title of each session to read the full session details in a pop up box.

Search the Programme
The Session Planner provides a powerful search function to allow the search for speakers, chairs, authors, presentations, sessions, topics or session types.search button

Click on the Search button to search for session or presentation titles, or persons by inserting the term into the Search field. You may combine several filters to your search and define in which sections of the program you would like to search.

Example: Enter a search term for a presentation title and select a specific abstract topic in the drop down menu under Filter. You will find a list of presentations where the title and the topic would fit your search criteria. The search result is highlighted in the search result list (or in the abstract text if available).

Note: You may use the %-character "%" as a wildcard. (i.e. M%ller would find Möller, Moeller, or Moller).
Note: Tick the box “exact phrase” below the search phrase, especially when you have entered several search words. Otherwise system will search for the “word1 OR word2 OR word3."

Login to the Session Planner to create your personal itinerary
The Session Planner features an extensive search function and a personal itinerary planner to search the scientific programme and to select presentations and sessions in order to compose a personal itinerary to plan the congress visit.

Personal Itinerary
The personal itinerary builder is linked to the Session Planner via the Itinerary button (left side).itinerary button

A user must register with an email address and password of choice. A confirmation email of your login details will be sent to the email address provided.

Once logged in, the user will see an empty personal itinerary. Click on the red or besides the pop-up to close the itinerary window to start browsing the scientific program. You will stay logged in to the personal itinerary builder as long as your browser window (tab) remains open and you don’t press F5 to reload the page.

search buttonClick on the search button to browse and search the scientific programme based on various search criteria. Use these icons to add or remove sessions and presentations from your personal itinerary:

addClick on this icon to add an item to your personal itinerary.

subtractClick on this icon to remove an item from your personal itinerary.

The icon will change immediately after being clicked to indicate the new status (added or removed from your itinerary). Click on the itinerary button to view your itinerary as shown below.

itinerary box

The presentations in your itinerary are listed by day and session type, possible overlaps are highlighted in red for each presentation. You may export your personal itinerary into PDF or MS Word format, or print it directly by clicking on these icons located on the top: icons set

On the bottom of your itinerary you will find the generateicon to generate your personal itinerary in iCalender format (.ics), which allows you to import the complete itinerary into various calendar systems, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCalendar and many more.


You may synchronize your Session Planner personal itinerary with your MSBoston 2014 mobile app, once it becomes available in the app stores (by the end of August). Within the app you must open the settings menu and provide the itinerary login details (email address and password). Then activate the Session Planner synchronization.




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